Fine Art photographer based in Hollywood, FL.




Andre Sattler is a German-born father, husband, chef & photographer based in Hollywood, FL. As a child, being exposed to warm and beautiful southern Spain from age of 2 months on he decided back then tht he wanted to travel the world and be anywhere with ocean, palm trees and preferably warm weather all year long!

The best way to do so was going into hospitality, becoming a valuable player, and get great jobs all over the world. That easy! Along the way, Andre discovered that his passion for cooking was even stronger than the desire to travel and he waited until the age of 28 to finally move abroad. Hospitality led him to work in Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean, and all over the United States, a country he truly loves and became a citizen of.

Andre lives with his wife Talia and two sons, Fulton and Casey, in Hollywood, Fl.




Having been very much into interesting places and high-end hospitality, photography came naturally and Andre started with food photography. A passion that stayed with him for years and can be seen on Flickr ([email protected]/), along with pictures from all the places where Andre lived over the years.

During the past 25 years in some of the worlds great hotels and exotic places, photography became more of a focus and a passion. Whereas Andre used photography over the years to catalogue his travels and the many different places he worked and lived at, he started using it as a creative medium and outlet.

Only in the recent past he started experimenting with different materials, textures, colors and light. 

"What fascinated me the most, after I started focussing on a different way of taking images, was that exactly the same picture can be multiple different pictures, just by adjusting the light. Now, if you work with shapes and colors as additional main factors, the amount of possibilities increases exponentially. It gives me a lot of options to play around with. The other adjustments I make via photoshop. What motivates me is the idea of having my vision of a great picture on the wall of someone I will most likely never get to know. I want to have that connection! My quality threshold is simple if I would put it on my wall I can put it on the website."